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Raw Muscle Challenge Prize~4 phone sessions with Santiago (The Raw Muscle)

November 17, 2010

My one month coaching session is officially over with Santiago Guido. I have to say it went extremely well for me on a Spiritual sense. After doing this challenge and winning I realized that I do need a lot of work in the area of meditation and keeping the inside calm. I am always rushing around and eating on the go and not taking time to feel what I should be feeling when it comes to over indulging with food. This is a struggle that I have had for a very long time and Santiago gave me many techniques to overcome the cravings. It was such an honor to talk to him on the phone. His energy is just like it is on the videos. He encouraged me to plan ahead, especially with the flax crackers and buckwheat sprouts. I LOVE Buckwheat sprouts. Since chatting with him I bought a 25 pound bag and I am sprouting them everyday or dehydrating them. What a cheap and easy way to get more protein into my diet. They are also very filling. I have made several breads with them too.
I am so grateful that he also has me on a split routine for my workouts. I am loving it because I am doing the reps, and only resting 20 seconds. Also, I am doing cardio a bit different now. I am feeling stronger and more fit. I even ran at 8.5 miles per hour 2 days ago. Now I wouldn’t have attempted that 3 months ago. Even if it was for only 45 seconds, then rested for 20. Hey I did it and I am getting faster.
My measurements did come down some more and I am happy with it, because I don’t want to lose too fast, I am trying to get used to not eating all the time and just being gentle and honest with myself about my passion for food. Especially in the area of overindulgences!

So as of 11-11-10 my measurements were down. My waist size is actually at 34 1/2 now! Which I am happy about because I was 36 inches last month! Ya know, what Dr. Oz says (A woman’s waist shouldn’t be over 35 inches)! Anyhow, I am still not where I want to be with my measurements, but I am making changes and for that I am grateful!

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