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Before and After (Yes, they are)

October 1, 2010

After viewing both of my photos, I am rather disappointed that I didn’t see more change. The numbers said it on the scale and on my inches, but I really don’t see an outer change.
I feel inner change in my body. I have been so up and down with my eating these last few months. I even went so far to start eating more fish and eggs. I realized that I not only felt bad in my body (constipation, cramps before menstruation, ovary pain, anger) eating it too often, but I also felt it in my head (sadness, depression, lonliness). After learning so much over all of my years searching for the right “diet” I know that “killing” isn’t my forte. I enjoy eating the plants. I feel a sense of belonging to nature that way. Even though the fish were wild caught and the eggs were organic, I felt like I was contradicting myself and what I have been teaching, but I am MY OWN GURU. I know my body best and my body knows what it needs.
I feel that many of my eating problems come from Emotional Eating. This is the area that I will be working on next. I feel that over the last 6-7 years I have been learning more and more about what works for me and what doesn’t. About 7 years ago, I really became a gym rat and learned as much as a could about Fitness. I spent countless hours in the gym, and had so much fun transforming my body. This lasted for about 3 years. I took about a 2 1/2 year hiatus from the gym. I decided that I was spending too much time in the gym and just quit! Yes, that is right, I quit! Which I don’t recommend anyone doing. So became my Journey to Raw.
I spent about 3 years learning about Raw and how important it is FOR ME. To clean out my system and eat God’s food. I didn’t incorporate much exercise but I learned all about the nutrition of raw and how it changes LIVES. And it changed mine.
I realized that I turn to food for comfort. My body is nourished and fed and I continue to eat even though I am highly mineralized and nourished. I realize that I do have a problem numbing my emotions with food. I know that many people struggle with these issues and I am no exception. Thank God that I eat organic, living food, but too much of any food is not good.
My journey, I feel is taking me on this path to explore more of who I am without turning to food for comfort. I am scared to where it may lead, but I know that the God will only bring me to my inner calling and my divine genius!
I am grateful for this challenge and I will continue on my path to Enlightenment in Every Area of My Life!

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