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Day #4 The Raw Food Muscle Fitness Challenge

September 4, 2010

Okay, so now I am completely whooped! I did legs yesterday and back and abs today. I am pushing myself more than I have in a while. It feels so good to be tired and not too sick feeling. A few weeks ago I really felt sick after I worked out my legs. I feel that I am getting stronger.

Day #4 Nourishment:
Buckwheat and protein milk with 1 cup berries, 1 T pumpkin seeds, 1 T sunflower seeds.

Before Gym:
Lentil Salad with 2 apples
After Gym:
1 1/2 bananas, mint, 2 T carob, 1 T mesquite, Garden of Life Green powder and 2 T Rice protein. I don’t care for the chalky rice protein, but I need to buy more raw protein.

4 little slices of raw banana bread made by RAYO DE SOL with 1 T AB

Dinner~ 5 shredded cups cabbage, 1/2 cup onion with 1/2 T olive oil and Pad Thai dressing.

I feel super full so I will not be eating anymore today. I feel good though, I feel like I am actually overeating. I am trying to keep my calories around 2200 calories. I will see in a month if that is too much.
Calories today~2110

Day #4 Workout:
10 minute warm-up on elliptical
3 set of dead lifts with 25 lbs weights on each side=95 Total pounds
Superset with Bent over Rows with 30 lb Dumbbells
4 sets of T bar rows with 50 pounds
Superset with 60 lb bar of bent over rows
Pulldown wide grip with 110 pounds for 6.
3 sets for 15 reps using 80 lbs.
Roman chair situps
side bends

Cardio~20 minutes HIIT on bike.

Well, now I am going to drink some tea and relax.

**Update, I ate a little more. had 4 more little pieces of bread and AB with 1/2 banana and two carrots with some green veggies(broccoli and snow peas)

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