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Day #8 The Raw Food Muscle Fitness Challenge

September 8, 2010

Well, another day down for this lovely time in my life. I am so grateful that I have discovered this challenge. It really hasn’t been so much of a challenge for me, but rather a discovery of my love of RAW again. I have been making recipes everyday of some sort. I made coconut wrappers today and Ani Phyo’s Sesame bread. I actually made them for a friend. I bought her coconuts and I bought some too, so I have lots of water and will have plenty of coconut jerky. I made coconut jerky with apricot balsamic vinegar marinade. They are in the refrigerator overnight then I will dehydrate them for 24 hours or less. I want them chewy, not hard.

My food choices today were great, but again the calories were high. I may not be eating the amount that I should but I will get it fine tuned. It’s all a learning experience for me. I haven’t been almost raw and counted calories the way I have been. So it is fun for me to discover more of what my cravings are and what time of day I like to eat.

One problem I feel I am having is dinner time. I feel I want something more substantial. Tonight I had sunny burgers on collards with tomato and onion, but to me that felt more like lunch. It made my belly full though, so that is all I needed. I spent some time tonight looking for some recipes. I will go shopping this Friday and get some yummy food for recipes.

Day #8 Food Choices and workout:
Buckwheat cereal with almond milk 1 T sunflower seeds and 1 T pumpkin seeds and berries

Went for a 20 mile ride and came home and drank a huge green smoothie with melon, spinach and coconut water.

Gym to do back and abs. All exercises performed were 10 reps except pulldowns these were 15. 3 sets Deadlifts with Straight bar and 40 lbs., 4 sets T bar rows with 30 lbs., 3 sets one arm rows with 30 lbs. superset with smith machine pullups., 3 sets Bent over rows 60 lb ez curl bar, and pulldowns with light weight (more like a stretch). Abs: side bends and weighted ab machine

Collard wraps with lentil salad with 2 small apples

Empanadas with cilantro, tomatoes, onion

Super food smoothie with coconut water, goji berries, acai, mesquite, carob, cacao, stevia, banana and tons of ice:)

Buckwheat wrap with banana and carob and PB (I need to buy AB)

Collard wraps with Sunny burgers with onion, and tomatoes

Total calories~2500.

I even feel a bit hungry, so I don’t know, maybe I am eating too much, but maybe not. I guess I will see in one month when I have the results of this challenge.
The bike ride was the best today. I really enjoyed myself. I am hoping my hubby will go tomorrow with me. He hasn’t been down the bike trail as far as I have been now.

“Live like we’re dyin'”~Kris Allen

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