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The First Day of The Raw Muscle Challenge

I am not going to the gym today.  I started my workout on Monday, but last week I exercised almost everyday, so today is my day off.  I am in need of a break, so I am sitting here listening to what sounds like rain. What a blessed day! I have been preparing food today for a friend and for myself. I made barbeque chips and sauce for the rolls from the Purely Delicious Magazine this month. They look so inviting:). Soon I will be on the way to get some veggies for my Pad Thai and the rest of the wraps. This is officially the first day of The Raw Muscle Challenge, so I will be recording my food and my workouts.  I am embarrassed to show my measurements, but maybe I will show the beginning measurements soon, I have to build up my confidence for that.  I feel I haven’t fully committed myself to this challenge, but with the 2 days of practice I had, thinking that it started, I did a lot of thinking about how I am always waiting for the next day to not eat too much.  I need to set up parameters and stick with them.  I am always bending the rules somehow when it comes to my food intake.  I am well aware of the issues of overeating.  With this challenge I know I will become stronger! It will be a fantastic journey the next 30 days.  And hopefully for the following 30 days after that:) Time will tell….. “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”~Leo Tolstoy

Day # 1 Food:

Sprouted Buckwheat cereal with apple, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

Dehydrated Kamut Bread with 1/2 T AB 10 almonds

Carob Buckwheat wrap with celery

Green Smoothie with 1 banana, 1 cup berries, Garden of Life Protein and 3 handfuls of spinach

Almond and Tamarind sauce with Nori Sheets with Spinach then I had cherries, celery and carrots and some jarred Salsa.  No this wasn’t raw, but my neice turned 15 today and everyone else enjoyed cake and vegan ice cream, which I almost had, but I stopped myself, Yippy!

My goal is to have More Greens and less carbs at night:)

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The Raw Muscle Challenge Practice Day #2

Well, I guess I messed up and started on the wrong day, DUH! So let’s just call this practice.

I am feeling good with all this yummy raw nutrition hitting my palate to my belly this week! I am loving working out, and feeling incredible.

Day #2 Food:
Sprouted Buckwheat cereal with sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds with apple

After workout:
banana peppers
with marinara sauce
slice of pizza with no cheese:(

Dehydrated Kamut raisin bread with AB

Green Juice with Kale, Celery, and Apple.

2 Carob Buckwheat wraps with AB and Banana

Melon for dinner

Carob Buckwheat wrap again with AB.
Dehydrated mung beans with cayenne and a dash of sesame oil.

As you can see I crave high fat:( I am working on that….And it is silly to say I haven’t had a green smoothie in 2 days. I will on tomorrow.

Day #2 Workout:
I decided to watch the video Santiago did for burning fat and building muscle. I decided to do 6 circuits. I rested about 1- 1 1/2 minutes between circuits. *I am sore in my legs and back! Love it:)
Each circuit:
Straight leg dead lifts and bent over rows (20 lbs. dumbbells)
Butt kicks and Tricep Kickouts (8 lbs.)
Squats and Bicep Curl (12 lbs for 3 sets, 15 lbs for 3 sets)
Front raises and Side raises (8 lbs)

All exercises were done for 30 seconds with 15 seconds in between for a total of 6 circuits. Then I walked later on with Christian.

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The Raw Muscle Challenge Practice Day #1

August 31, 2010

Note to readers:  I started on the wrong day, so I will consider this practice;-)

I am posting this many hours too late, but better late than never. Yesterday was filled with excitement!! My hubby bought me the best present ever, a brand new Ford Escape. We spent all day at the dealership on and off, but I was able to eat good all day, besides a few slip ups, and was able to hit the gym!

I have been craving sprouted buckwheat in the morning, so that has been my breakfast for the last week. It fills me up and I am not hungry for a few hours:). Which is very rare.

The Food I ate:
1/4 cup of buckwheat sprouted
1 apple
1 T sunflower seeds
1 T pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup water with Garden of Life Raw Protein
cinnamon and stevia

2 apples

Before Gym:
Buckwheat wrap with banana and almond butter
After Gym:
Kelp noodles with Marinara Sauce
Salad with honey mustard dressing, made with honey, mustard, and olive oil
Banana Smoothie made with 1 banana, tons of ice and Carob and Mesquite and Raw Protein

My messup:(~I ate some Amy’s No Cheese Pizza, it is vegan,but def. not raw! Anyhow, I learned my lesson, I got heartburn.
*Note* I was very stressed out, we can’t locate the title to our van, so I didn’t have time to fix anything raw, even though I wanted to eat celery and carrots, I felt bad about not looking so I grabbed what the fam was eating.

So then I had a carrot, pineapple and then later had Ezekial bread with some AB.

I have to say, even though I didn’t eat completely raw, I felt energy…ALOT of it, I cleaned my entire closet and kitchen. But to no avail, NO Title!

My Workout: Arms and Cardio
Warm up set of arms with light weight, then I started.
1. Barbell Curls with 40 pound ez curl bar for 3 sets of 10 superset 3 sets of 10 Preacher Curls with 30 pound easy curl bar.
2. Rope Pushdowns with 40 lbs. 3 sets of 10 superset 3 sets of 10 Bench Dips
3. 90 Degree DB Preacher Curl with 30 pound ez curl bar for 3 sets of 10 superset 3 sets of 10 DB 12 lbs, then last 2 were 15 lbs. DB Incline Curls
4. V Bar Pushdowns 3 sets of 10 superset 3 sets of 10 DB Kickbacks with 12 lbs. I have bumped up in weights since I first started this workout.
Cardio for only 15 minutes, I had to come home to get Christian:)
I am supposed to include ABS, but I ran out of time. Also figured I would do them at home, wishful thinking, we had Kumon, Football, signing contracts! Busy, Busy, Busy!

It was a great day, I am looking forward to this day ahead!

Today I will hopefully walk the dogs, if weather permits and hit the gym.

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Announcing my new challenge~The 30 Day Raw Food Muscle Fitness Challenge

It has been too long since my last challenge. I have been going back and forth about doing this challenge. I know it is rather difficult to stay completely 100% Raw, but for the next 30 days I will be mostly raw. Perhaps some days I will be 100%, but others I may eat less than 100%. But I will honor my body and make the best choices each day!

The Contest:

I came across The Raw Food Muscle website through Facebook. Philip McCluskey had a link to a man named Santiago. So of course, curious me had to check it out. I fell in love with his wife and him. They are an adorable couple and he inspires me. He has been training in the gym for many years and he found out about raw food and it has been changing his and his wife. They have videos on YouTube and I just have so much fun watching them. They are filled with Energy. They announced the challenge a few weeks ago and I decided yesterday that I am in it.

I took my measurements and weight, which I would rather not share, but I am sending them to him. I will reveal my measurements at the end of the 30 days. I have been doing raw food on and off for over 3 years but sorry to say I have only gained weight on it. Many other very beautiful things have happened in my life because of raw food. Yes, I am not 100%, but I love feeling the life in the food. This will be my first journey of working out and doing mostly raw and really focusing on it.

I will strength train, and do cardiovascular work. I plan on walking more too. I have been avoiding that for too long. I will be writing down everything I eat using a program called I will post my workouts and food intake with recipes when applicable.

So stay tuned…

II Timothy 1:7
For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

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Carrot Macaroons with White Chocolate Orange Cream

It has been several weeks since I have written here on Living Rawesome , but I am still here and thinking about what I will do next.  I thought about another project, similar to what I just finished with, but nothing has come to me.  The only thing I know is that I love to create recipes and so I was inspired one day watching the Cooking Channel and came up with these awesomely delicious Carrot Macaroons.  The White Chocolate Orange Cream can be drizzled over the Macaroons or as a dipping sauce for fruit.

Enjoy this wonderful recipe, it is made with L.O.V.E.  (Living Organics for Vibrant Energy).  All of my food is made with Love and L.O.V.E.  I recently bought another domain for my business, it is  I will be working on it this next year, and hopefully launching it with recipes and info about my classes and things to come, so stay tuned:).

Until then I will be posting the many recipes I make here at my lovely abode.
Living Rawesome Raw Recips july 2010-dec 2010 003

Carrot Macaroons Recipe
1 3/4 cups Shredded Unsweetened Coconut
3/4 cup pecans, soaked and dehydrated, then ground into flour in food processor
3/4 cup carrot pulp, or chopped using ‘S’ blade in food processor
1 cup dates, pitted and soaked
1 cup date water
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 t vanilla powder
1 t cinnnamon
1/4 t salt

Place all dry ingredients into bowl and combine well. Dates and date water should blended in high powered blender. Add date mixture and remaining ingredients into bowl and mix until there is a sticky consistency. Use a ice cream scoop to make Macaroons to be placed on a Teflex Sheet and placed into dehydrator for 24 hours. After 12 hours, take Macaroons off Teflex Sheet and complete dehydration until crispy on the outside.
Living Rawesome Raw Recips july 2010-dec 2010 001

White Chocolate Orange Cream Recipe
1 cup cashews, soaked
1/2 orange juice
1/2 cup Date Mixture (1 cup dates, 1 cup date water, 1 t lemon juice)
2 t orange zest
1 t Orange Blossom Water
3 T melted cacao butter
pinch of sea salt

First make Date Mixture in high powered blender. Blend all ingredients except cacao butter until creamy. Add cacao butter and then drizzle on Carrot Macaroons.
*This is a delicious dip or drizzle for fruit.
Living Rawesome Raw Recips july 2010-dec 2010 002Living Rawesome Raw Recips july 2010-dec 2010 004
“From small beginnings come great things.”

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Day #365 Pink Grapefruit Sorbet (unreleased Everyday Raw Desserts)

July 25, 2010


I have decided that I will post a list of the Top 10 recipes that I made all year. I will post it sometime this week.

I want to tell all my family Thank you! Thank you for supporting me through all of my learning experiences. Thank you to my friends that tried my goodies! Thank you to all of you that have been reading the blog. Please email me and let me know what you thought of it all.

A special and most grateful Thank you to my husband! You support me more than anyone I know. You love me for the way I am and you are my Best Friend! This year we have grown closer together than ever and I am looking forward to our journey TOGETHER FOREVER!

Thank you to Matthew Kenney for allowing me to do such a fun project and supporting it.

Thank you to Meredith for sending all the recipes and answering questions when I was lost:)


For my final recipe on the Matthew Kenney Project I made Pink Grapefruit Sorbet. Just last week we went to St. Augustine and my son got the Grapefruit Gelato. It was ironic that Meredith sent me this recipe. It is perfect to celebrate our last dessert for the project, along with the Spiced Pineapple Cake.

Pink Grapefruit Sorbet Ingredients

Large pink or red grapefruit, chopped with seeds and membranes removed
Frozen banana
Lime juice
Beet juice (optional)

Blend all ingredients until smooth. Pour into ice cream maker and follow manufacturer’s instructions.
Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 048

The Grapefruits were luscious! So easy to peel and surprisingly sweet.

Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 049Here I am making the last recipe of my 356 days!

Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 050The ice cream maker was very full!

Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 056Mouth Watering

If you love the flavor of grapefruit, you will love this dessert. The combination of the Spiced Pineapple Cake and Grapefruit Sorbet doesn’t go very well together, because the cake is too sweet, it leaves the sorbet tasting very sour, but both of them separate are great! Several people have tried the Cake and loved it. The Grapefruit Sorbet is great for a summery, light, treat. It’s nice to have something that is light. Everything in the ice cream maker has had nuts in the recipe. I am brain storming to see what other fruit would be good. This recipe made so much liquid, I have half of the recipe in my refrigerator. I filled up my ice cream maker to the top with half of this recipe.

This recipe will be made again, especially when my grapefruits come in on my trees.

Well, this wraps up my project. I am sad to see it done, but elated that I finished and learned so much!

“Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be…Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar, and you’ll live as you’ve never lived before.”~Erich Fromm

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Summer Party Parfait Contest LIFESAVERS PARFAIT

July 24, 2010

How many of you remember eating candy as a child? I do, just like it was yesterday. I was offered candy numerous times throughout my days as a child. We had candy jars, candy drawers, and we often had the choice to get candy at the store. Of course, our parents told us we couldn’t eat too much and definitely not before dinner. One type of candy in particular rings close to my heart. This candy has come a long way since I was a child in the 80’s. I vividly remember opening up the roll of candies to find the silver shimmering cover, and tearing off the outer layer only to find it lined with some type of wax plastic paper. My mom always said that this was to protect the candy in case it melted. If it were to get stuck to the silver, well, it would be like chewing on aluminum foil. Icky, I didn’t want to chew on aluminum foil, so I was always careful not to rip the waxy paper below the silver, just in case the little candies became wet and gooey. I didn’t want to throw my candies out, so I always hoped that the waxy paper was still intact. Once I began opening them I could only hope that the first candy in line was one of my favorite flavors. I knew I had to share my candy so I hoped that I wouldn’t be stuck with a candy that I didn’t like. We had a rule that the first candy shown in the lineup was for the “opener” of the packet. Most times I got lucky, but then sometimes not.  I would often try to trade one to my brother, sister or friends especially it is was green but I was always turned down. These candies I am talking about are one of the most famous hard candies. Yes, I am talking about LIFESAVERS!

When I decided that I was going to do the Raw Summer Party Parfait Contest by Heather Pace, I didn’t know what to make, but I knew that I needed to do it.  My Matthew Kenney Project (like Julie and Julia) is ending and I feel like this is something that I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t spent the last year of my life making a recipe every single day from Matthew Kenney’s book Everyday Raw and Entertaining in the Raw.  It has given me the motivation to do it, so here I go.

About 3 years ago, I went “RAW”.  I never knew that such a lifestyle that existed, but I am so grateful that I found this way of life.  One thing for certain is Raw Desserts have been my vice, my sanity at times, my way out of such a strict eating regimen.  In the beginning I felt like eating raw food left me with limited choices, after all there is so much to learn in the beginning.  But then, I found out that I could make something sweet and gooey, not “eat ONLY lettuce everyday” and still reach for better health.   With this in mind and using Heather Pace’s Recipes from her book Raw Party Parfait E-Book, I designed a parfait that encompassed the rules of the contest and had the flavors of all my favorite candies as a child.

Raw Desserts, in a sense, were and still are my LIFESAVER.  They could be your LIFESAVER too!

1935 was the year that the original flavors of LIFESAVERS came out.  These flavors were Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Orange and Pineapple.  These flavors remained the same until the year 2003 when Kraft decided to change the flavors of the original LIFESAVERS to Cherry, Pineapple, Raspberry, Orange and Watermelon.  For a while they used Blackberry flavor instead of Orange, but changed it back to the original.  Funny how my favorite flavors were the flavors they kept.  Cherry, Orange and Pineapple.  I thought I would be nostalgic and use the Original 5 Flavors of LIFESAVERS to create my Summer Party Parfait.

This recipe is 6 steps so I will break each step down in order.  First I made the LIFESAVER pudding/creams and then I put them all together in beautiful flute glasses, to resemble the cylinder shape of LIFESAVER packaging.

STEP ONE:  CHERRY CREAM (I used the Coconut Cream Recipe pg. 5, I omitted coconut water, and agave powder.  My first added ingredient was cherries).

Summer Party Parfait Contest 039In this recipe I chose to take out the coconut water and use cherries instead.  I did this so the consistency wouldn’t be too runny and the brilliant dark pink color would be more prominent.  I also omitted the agave powder, this decision was made because I prefer to keep agave at bay when I have the chance.  For over a year, I have been using agave in most recipes, so I chose to omit it because I could.  I got all my ingredients together and got to work.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 020I was careful to pit every single cherry so I wouldn’t lose any of my teeth while enjoying my summery treat.  A cherry pitter would have come in real handy.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 102Note*When choosing cherries to use, pick the darkest possible to get a darker color of cream.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 100The inside of the cherries were very dark, this allowed the cream to be darker than it would have been if the insides were lighter.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 067One of the easiest ways to gather meat out of a coconut is to open it with a cleaver and use a spoon and scrape the inside.  I always run water over the meat and pick off pieces of husk that could still be on the meat.

*After all ingredients are cut and measured place them all in blender until creamy.  Pour into a bowl and place in refrigerator until ready to form the LIFESAVER Parfait.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 104


Summer Party Parfait Contest 025After gathering all of my ingredients and looking over the recipe again and again, I decided that would not be using the Irish moss.  I was concerned that because of the coconut oil it may become too stiff to work with.  This was the first time I made the recipe.  I used less lemon juice and less maple syrup because I omitted the Irish moss.  First I collected the zest from the lemons.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 082Then I juiced several lemons.  My mouth started to water, I love the taste of fresh lemons.  They are so healing and cleansing.  I love how you can use God’s food for more than just food.  Lemons can be used for cleaning your body as well as your home.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 076

With my husband’s help we opened up 6 Thai coconuts.  They are always so fun to open.  It’s like Christmas, the outside looks so pretty and you have to wait to see what is inside.  Sometimes you will get pink water and slimy meat, but most of the time the coconuts that I buy have thick white meat and clear liquid from this King of Fruits.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 062You can see that this coconut was perfect!

Summer Party Parfait Contest 060All ingredients were blended and put into a bowl and stored in the refrigerator until ready.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 085
Summer Party Parfait Contest 023
I gathered all my ingredients and got started. I realized that this recipe was perfect, I didn’t need to add anything to it, or take away from it. First I zested the limes.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 041Making designs in the food always makes me feel like an artist.  The zester is just a fun tool to have in your raw food kitchen.  Although zest can also be made using a peeler and just chop the “zest” up.  I use that method occasionally if the zest needs to be blended anyway.  The Vita-Mix takes care of those bigger pieces.  But I like to have fun in the kitchen.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 042The zest is a bit long if I were adding it to a recipe that doesn’t involve blending.  I like to chop it up so the lucky eaters don’t have long strands of zest in their teeth.  I juice the limes/lemons after I zest them, because it is difficult to hold the fruit and zest it if the juice is gone.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 043A citrus juicer is an appliance I use often, it cuts preparation time down.  If you don’t have one, a hand held juicer works just fine, but I always strain the juice to make sure there are no seeds.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 045Only a few ingredient go into this recipe, so this was quick to make.  I cut the avocados and then added all ingredients to the Vita-Mix.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 046The beauty makes me feel like I am in the Garden Of Eden.  I am always in “awe” viewing God’s power in the natural.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 051

STEP FOUR:  ORANGE CREAM (I used Pineapple Mango Pudding pg. 5, I used mango to make it orange and I omitted the pineapple.  My second added ingredient was Orange Blossom Water to arouse the taste buds into believing it is an Orange LIFESAVER)

Summer Party Parfait Contest 027After gathering the ingredients I read through the recipe again to make sure I had everything I needed, after all I was adding an ingredient that wasn’t in the recipe.  My second added ingredient was Orange Blossom Water.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 037This is light flavor to use when you want to have a bit of orange essence in your food.  I used it several times for other recipes this last year.  This flavoring is not as potent as orange extract.   Some people are not familiar with cutting a mango.  I hold it up right like an egg and cut the largest sides as close to the seed as possible.  Then I cut the thinner sides.  I love to cut cubes out of the large sides.  This is especially fun for children when you fan out the mangoes.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 056After cutting up the mangoes, I chopped them finely and cut the Thai coconut and strained it.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 060All ingredients were blended to make a lovely Orange LIFESAVER flavored cream.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 075
STEP FIVE:  Pineapple Cream (I used the Pineapple Mango Pudding pg. 5 but omitted the mango)

Summer Party Parfait Contest 013After seeing how light the Lemon Cream was and the how dark the Orange Cream was, I decided to omit the mangoes, so the LIFESAVER Parfait colors would be some what distinguishable.  I peeled and cut the pineapple.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 001First I chopped off the top and bottom of the pineapple.  Then I cut the outside off in about 5 quick slices.  It’s important to have a sharp knife to do this so you will not get cut.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 003I then cut around the inner part of the pineapple called the “core”.  The core has some of the highest phytochemicals of any fruit.  Pineapple is also very high in Vitamin C, and almost 100% of the recommended RDA of Vitamin C is in only 2 slices.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 009I usually save the core and I eat it after I am finished with my recipes. I chopped up the pineapple to measure the amount used.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 010I prepared all the ingredients from Heather’s recipes and then threw all ingredients in the Vita-Mix and made this marvelous Pineapple Cream.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 094Now, all the creams are ready to be used in the LIFESAVER flute glasses.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 108You can see the variances of color in this next photo.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 107STEP SIX:  Assembly of the LIFESAVER Parfaits
After making the 5 flavors of the creams, it was time to get busy. I wanted to just sit down and eat a bite of all the creams, they all smelled so delicious and honestly making my mouth water.   I was on a roll though, I wanted to start right away.  Earlier in the week I asked my Mom to join in on my fun during this contest. I asked her to paint my glasses with the word LIFESAVERS on them. She loves to paint as much as I love to make Raw Food. I am blessed to have her, she always is so supportive of everything I do.   I think she did a beautiful job.
Summer Party Parfait Contest
Now for the fun part, to assemble these marvelous little treats. I used a piping bag to fit down into these long slender glasses. At first it was a real challenge to fit the bag down into the slender glasses. Glad I had my hubby by my side to cheer me on. It takes a steady hand, patience, and the passion to make these.
Summer Party Parfait Contest 160
I started with the Orange, and went in sequential order the whole way. Next was Lemon, Lime, Pineapple and Cherry. I wanted to make these little LIFESAVERS as similar to the candy. I read that in each packet of LIFESAVERS there are 14 little candies, so I layered the creams 14 times. I ended with Pineapple on top.
Summer Party Parfait Contest 163Summer Party Parfait Contest 165
The preparation took so much longer than I anticipated but there really is no other place I would rather be than in my kitchen with my best friend and lover, Jason:). Well, there may be one place I like better and that is my favorite spot on the lake, between my 3 trees.
Summer Party Parfait Contest 189
I grew up on the lake here in Inverness, Florida. I adore the water and how it makes me feel. I found this spot about a year ago. I have lived in this town for so long that I have seen almost every part of it, but being here between these trees in the morning is healing and energizing to me. There is a bike trail right next to this park and I often ride a bike or run/walk to this spot early in the morning.  If I come early enough I see the sunrise and many of the animals that live here.  If I am having a bad day, I come here. I meditate, pray, read, dance, and play here. There is something about being in the middle of these 3 trees, I feel like Nature gives an embracing hug.
When I saw that I had to take the picture in my favorite spot in Nature for this contest, I was even more excited. This spot is the first place I thought of. I pictured it all and it came to fruition this morning. I shared this experience with my Husband, and my two boys (13, and 8). They were all helping set it up and the boys couldn’t wait to try the Parfaits. This time was so precious with my family together, enjoying this event. I know it is something they will remember. One thing if for certain, if you ask my boys, “what is your Mom’s passion?”, they would say, “Making Raw Food”.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 170Summer Party Parfait Contest 169Summer Party Parfait Contest 182Summer Party Parfait Contest 185Well, thank you to Heather Pace for this fun project and thanks to my family:)  The boys loved the recipes.  They said it tastes like Rainbow Sherbet.  The top favorite flavors were Cherry and Lemon.

Summer Party Parfait Contest 194Summer Party Parfait Contest 195Summer Party Parfait Contest 196

“Forests, lakes, and rivers, clouds and winds, stars and flowers, stupendous glaciers and crystal snowflakes – every form of animate or inanimate existence, leaves its impress upon the soul of man.”~Orison Swett Marden

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Day #364 Spiced Pineapple Cake with Banana Cream (unreleased Everyday Raw Desserts)

July 24, 2010

It is the day before the last day of my project. I was working on my recipe when I suddenly got sad:(. It finally hit me that I am at the end. I have made almost all the recipes in Everyday Raw and Entertaining in the Raw, plus the recipes that Matthew and Meredith sent me to try! It has been one of the most rewarding years of my life. I feel I have grown so much this year. I feel more comfortable in my kitchen than ever. I have more confidence. The highest achievement for me was that I completed what I set out to do. I have made it through an entire year. I have actually managed to take time everyday to make a recipe even though life happens, such as classes and tests for Anatomy and Physiology, Vacations to St. Augustine, Maryland, Work, Raw Food Classes, Potlucks, Meetings, Luncheons, and even a broken arm. That day I cut it pretty close, I was at the hospital at night with my son, Christian, I almost didn’t make my blog entry, but I DID IT!!!
Through all of it I realized, if I make a commitment, I can DO ANYTHING AND YOU CAN TOO!

Today, in the kitchen I realized that I have to make another commitment. I know that I will go crazy if I am not blogging and making recipes. So my new commitments are as follows:

1. I am going to start on my book that I hope to release in E-Book form by Spring, so stick around to see that.

2. I will be posting recipes that I make throughout the week. Yes, I do make my own raw food too. This entire year, I have been making my own recipes as well, but chose to only blog about my Matthew Kenney Project.

3. One more thing that is special to me, Meredith will be sending more recipes from her and Matthew’s new book and I will be testing them. I have to say I am so honored that she will do this. Meredith so supportive during my project. I am grateful for the recipes and honest opinions that her and Matthew have blessed me with.

Those of you that have been following my journey, I wanted to say thank you for checking out my blog. I hope that over this next year I can show you more exciting recipes from my Raw Food Kitchen.

Now onto the recipe.

Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 053PARTY SIZE

Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 054YUMMY!

Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 059MY SINGLE SERVING

Spiced Pineapple Cake with Banana Cream Ingredients
Makes one 9 inch cake

Wet Ingredients
Mashed bananas
Chopped Pineapple
Date paste- Which is 1 cup dates, 1/2 cup water, 1 tsp lemon juice
Almond milk

Dry Ingredients
Brazil Nut Flour
Coconut flakes (powdered in vita-mix)
Vanilla bean
Sea Salt

*¼ C Irish Moss Paste can be used with wet ingredients or
¼ C flax meal with the dry. This is optional and creates a fluffier mixture.(I used flax meal)

Wet Ingredients- In a vita mix thoroughly blend all the wet ingredients except for the coconut oil until smooth. Then add the coconut oil and continue to blend until well combined.

To Make Cake batter-In a mixer or food processor mix the dry ingredients until thoroughly combined. Slowly add the wet ingredients. It is better to use a standing mixture as this will keep the mixture lighter and more fluffy, but if you do not have a standing mixer it can be done in the food processor if you lightly pulse the wet ingredients in. You do not want a dense heavily blended mixture.

*I made the dry mixture and the wet mixture separately and placed them in bowls. I do not have a mixer and my food processor was too small to fit all of the mixture. I think the mixture turned out fine, just by adding the flour mixture to the wet ingredients.

Assembly- Divide cake batter into two. Press one layer of batter in a 9 inch spring form pan and alternate with 1/3 of frosting. Add second cake layer. Refrigerate just before serving, remove from spring form, and frost with remaining frosting.

This recipe is more than I imagined! I love love love it. The mixture of texture and spices was perfect. I made two little cakes for my family here and then I have a 9 inch spring form pan for my parent’s anniversary tomorrow. Jason’s favorite cake has always been spice cake. He was actually very impressed with the flavor of this cake. He said, “Wow, she (Meredith) really does make great desserts.” I just keep saying, “They keep getting better and better!” Gosh I love making this food. It makes me feel so giddy.
I did pay special attention tonight while making this. I ran my fingers through the dry mixture and just actually played with it for a while, I tasted a little bite of each mixture then the final product. I wanted to experience my last days on this project to the fullest.
*This cake would be perfect to take to a Christmas holiday dinner. Making this cake stirred up Christmas memories. I am listening to Pandora’s Burl Ives Station. It’s all Christmas songs. I am feeling Christmas in the air. Yep, Christmas in July.
Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 040
I just loved this photo. It’s an example of God’s power and majesty!
Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 042
Wet Ingredients
Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 041
Dry Ingredients
Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 043
I poured the dry ingredients into the wet. This worked just fine. The mixture was still fluffy and not too dense.
Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 047
All three little cakes

I can’t wait for the Everyday Raw Desserts book to come out. I will be making those recipes, too. I keep thinking, if they continue to write books for more years to come, I know I won’t be bored!

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. -Charles Dickens

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Day #363b Banana Cream (unreleased Everyday Raw Desserts)

July 23, 2010

Somehow I skipped a day, my ending date is July 25, the day before my parent’s anniversary. I don’t know where I skipped a date, but anyhow, I made the Banana Cream today for the Spiced Pineapple Cake that I wil make tomorrow.

Banana Cream Ingredients
almond milk
lemon juice
coconut oil
coconut butter

In a Vita-Mix thoroughly blend all the wet ingredients except for the coconut oil. Then add the coconut oil and continue to blend until well combined and creamy. The cream is sitting in the refrigerator until tomorrow when I make the cake.

The recipe is sweet and delicious.

I am waiting for the kids to arrive from their trip, they have been gone since Monday. It will be nice to give them a big hug .

A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away. ~Bil Keane, “Family Circus”

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Day #363 Gnocchi of Broccoli Rabe with Ginger Cream Sauce, Concord Grape Chutney, Manchego Paper, and Dust of Three Leaves pg. 76 entertaining in the raw

July 22, 2010

This recipe is one of the BEST elegant desserts I have made.  I will make these again.  The gnocchi worked out perfect after 7 hours of dehydration.  I thought it was too runny and I would have a problem but it was exactly perfect overnight.  They stayed in dehydrator until the evening and they were perfectly warm after the Chutney was done.
Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 029Matthew Kenney Project July 2010 031
Chutney Ingredients
Concord Grapes
Red Grapes
Lime juice
ground pepper

Crush the Concord grapes through a strainer and reserve juice. In a food processor, pulse the grape juice, lime seconds, but not to fully puree. Dehydrate in a shallow pan for 2 hours and let cool.

Jason and I both fell in LOVE with this meal. If you have this book, entertaining in the raw, MAKE THIS ONE! This will be one that I will make over and over again.

Assembly: Sauce the gnocchi with enough ginger cream to lightly coat. On one side, garnish with grape chutney. Lay the manchego paper across the top and make three lines of herb (dehydrated basil leaves, dehydrated mint leaves, dehydrated parsley leaves) dust across the top of that.

“The Sun, with all the planets revolving around it, and depending on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as though it had nothing else in the Universe to do.”~Galileo Galilei

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