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Raw Food Support Group/Vegan Potluck Info

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This is a vegan support group who practice eating raw and living foods.

We welcome people who are on this wonderful journey of eating healthier.

We enjoy meeting people who are like minded.

Potlucks happen once a month.

Established February 2009

Our Mission Statement

We advocate the consumption of an optimally nutritious diet, comprised mainly of raw, uncooked and unprocessed vegan foods of a wide. We are not doctors or nutritionists. We do not give medical advice. We live on a mainly raw vegan food diet. We understand that each person is created uniquely by God and have differing nutritional requirements. One diet does not fit all.

What to Bring:

1. A Raw-Vegan dish. A raw-vegan dish contains no animal products or cooked ingredients. Raw ingredients ARE NOT COOKED, cooked is temperature above 118 degrees. Vegan means no animal products such as dairy, eggs, *honey, and fish. *Many of us do use honey. Please refrain from bringing any food that is genetically modified.

2. One guest should bring a raw-vegan dish to generously serve 8-10 people. If two guest come together, please bring two dishes. Please wash all fruits and vegetables properly. Please use the highest quality standards when in your kitchen. This food will be served to many people, not just you and your family.

*Please use organic ingredients when possible. We know that it can be costly but if we don’t pay now, we will pay later.
*Many of us use a combination of conventional and organic as our
budgets allow.

When preparing your meal please prepare with love. When food is prepared with love, the positive energy that goes into it will be dispersed to us all.

3. Email me with the recipes so I can put it on my website for all members to see. Please bring a recipe and list of ingredients for your dish so we can see what is in the meal we are eating (especially for those with allergies.) Please label what is organic. If an item contains nuts and/or seeds, please label for allergy concerns and whether or not it was soaked.

4. Please come to experience love and friendship in this unique environment. Come with an open heart that is willing to share and to receive. We can learn so much from one another.

5. Bring serving dishes for your raw-vegan dish.

Distinguishing Raw Living Foods

“Raw and Living foods” include: fresh fruit, vegetables, raw nuts & seeds, raw nut
butters, “live” sauerkraut, sprouted grains, or other uncooked seeds.

Food and beverages that are pasteurized are not raw.

Even many nuts and grains are not raw due to heat during processing,
although any seed that can sprout is raw. Raw cashews and raw almonds, in particular, are difficult to find.

Dried Spices, and other seasonings are not usually raw but we do allow them to be included in recipes. We always enjoy fresh herbs and spices.

Neither pasteurized nor canned foods are raw.

Most bottled items have been heat pasteurized when bottled.

Soy derived product are usually cooked and highly processed. Miso is an exception.

If you use oils please use cold-pressed or stone pressed, extra-virgin olive oil, flax, hemp or coconut oil. *Remember, most commercial oils are heated.

No refined sugars should be used (turbinado, white sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar). If using sweeteners please use raw agave nectar, organic yacon, raw mesquite, stevia or dried fruit.

Braggs Liquid Aminos and Nutritional Yeast flakes are not raw but we do allow them to be included in dishes.

Most of these foods can be found here in town at Rutabaga’s Etc. They try to cater to all of our communities needs for our healthy lifestyle on the go. Raw foodists included.

Our potlucks are about community and caring for our brothers and sisters. When serving yourself at the potluck, your serving size should be in proportion to the number of people present. Please ensure everyone has
had some of the dish before taking the last piece/spoonful.

Please practice conscious eating and take the time to appreciate this food. All is prepared with LOVE!

If you’re looking for recipes or just inspiration check my website.

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