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Raw Gathering 5-28-09

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I had a blast at the last gathering. It was great to see all of you again.  For those of you that were not at previous gatherings, we were blessed by you being a part of this special time together.  We had so many lovely recipes.

It was a different time and day of the week but I think it worked out great.  Thank you to all who attended. I’m so honored to share this journey with all of you:)

5-20-09-069Me, Jackie, Kay, Sarah and Erica

5-20-09-060Kay making the Beet Raviolis

5-20-09-061Mommy making up the gift for Dr. Schramm, he loves pistachio treats from Rutabaga’s Etc.

5-20-09-068Erica, and Sarah making Dill Cream Cheese Nori.  One of my faves of the night.

5-20-09-078Here if D’Adjoa giving the ingredients for the wonderful Curry Plantain salad.


Kay, Marsha and Gayle giving the recipes for what they brought.  Destiny, Sarah, Emma, Theresa, Sue, Judy, Pam getting their raw meal.  All smiles:)

5-20-09-071Emma, Destiny, Johanna, Angela, Sebastian

5-20-09-085D and Theresa

5-20-09-066Me and my Man:)


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