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Holiday Dressing/Stuffing brought by D’Adjoa

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Raw Gathering November 17 2009 014

2 cups walnuts, soaked 12 hours and drained
2 cups almonds, soaked 12 hours and drained
1-2 T organic unpasteurized miso
2-4 T fresh sage
2-4 T fresh rosemary
2-4 T fresh thyme
3-4 cloves garlic, chopped fine *note* add last
1 large onion, chopped very fine
6-8 stalks celery, chopped fine

In food processor, chop garlic.
Add sage, rosemary and thyme and process well.
Gradually add walnuts, almonds and miso a little at a time as you continue processing.
Place in bowl and add onion and celery. Mix well.
Place on Teflex sheet and form into a loaf or shape like a turkey.
Dehydrate 6-8 hours at 105 degrees.
Remove Teflex sheet and dehydrate 6-8 hours more.

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