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Days #16 and 17 The Raw Food Muscle Challenge

September 17, 2010

Today I feel pretty drained and I feel that I have failed the raw food thing today:(. I will learn from my experience and not dwell on it.

Ezekial bread and raw chocolate doesn’t really belong in my house, because it haunts me! Tomorrow is a new day. I feel that if I was doing this challenge with someone close by I would be doing better, but at least I am back in the swing of things with the eating raw and exercising.

I didn’t exercise today and yesterday I rode my bike. I will relax tonight and do better tomorrow. I realize too that I need to eat less. I feel that if I ate meat I know I wouldn’t eat as much because I don’t like it at all and I love raw food, especially the desserts.

I did make the best chocolate ever, my son LOVES it.

1/2 cup cacao
1/3 cup honey
2 T water
2 T coconut oil, melted

Stir and put into small parchment lined pan and freeze, it comes out like Taffy:) Oh my gosh, delicious!

I have overeaten for 2 days now on too much walnut cake and chocolate, so the last two days are pretty much down the drain, but tomorrow is another day. I did eat mostly raw, other than ezekial bread. That darn stuff. Well, goodnight

“I eat merely to put food out of my mind.”
N.F. Simpson (1919–)

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