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Day #5 Raspberry Vanilla-Almond Granola pg. 40 everyday raw

Today was the Raw Food Gathering, so I decided that I would do the raspberry vanilla-almond granola as a demonstration in the presence of my friends at the potluck. I soaked the nuts (almonds and pecans) and sunflower seeds last night before bed and soaked them for 12 hours. I am finding out that I also need to do any preparation before I go to bed the night before my next project. I bought fresh raspberries from Rutabaga’s. They are so fresh and delicious. I went to the gym and my Bible study with Sarah this morning. After I returned from Sarah’s I strained the nuts and seeds and rinsed them. I put them in the refrigerator until tonight. I did the demonstration in front of my friends at the potluck. The recipe calls for fresh raspberries, sunflower seeds, pecans, almonds, maple syrup (I replaced with agave), date paste, pears, vanilla extract and vanilla bean scraped, almond extract, sea salt, ginger juice (I left this out because my son will not eat it then) and lime zest. I decided to cut the measurements in half, which I will do with many of the recipes when possible. The prep time only took 5 minutes after soaking the nuts and seeds. The lime zest was a pain because I didn’t bring my zester to the potluck. My sister, Cathy, helped me with the zest. Everyone watched me make it, which to me was a special time. Everyone tried it and thought it was great. Joanne said she has tried many Granolas and this recipe is the BEST! I was so excited to share this time with my friends. Thank you all who came to the demo:) I consider myself very blessed to have all of you in my life!
This granola is so delicious. I am dehydrating it now. I am guessing that it will taste more like raspberries after it is dehydrated. I am going to make some yummy almond milk on Saturday or Sunday and have some.

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