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Welcome to my blog about my LOVE for God's Raw Living food. Please join me on my journey towards health and wellness. I truly believe that pure natural raw living food is the doorway to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Views 2308139
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Green Smoothies and Bar-b-que Crisps sandwiches

Jason and I are staying faithful to our choice to do green smoothies everyday. We started our morning off together with a green smoothie. Mine was one banana, 6 cups of romaine and 5 strawberries. He had 2 apples, 6 cups of romaine lettuce and one banana. I am so fortunate to have my husband do this with me. It makes it so easy and we draw closer to one another through raw food. He is very supportive of it and wants to see the changes in himself.
I ate some bar-b-que crisps with squash and tomatoes. Absolutely hit the spot for lunch. I followed those by a green smoothie later on. Different recipe. It had kale, blueberries, peaches and banana. I crave greens. I love them. I can’t believe how many cups of greens I am consuming. I guess my body needs them.
I love eating raw food. I feel alive and most of all peaceful and creative. I need to eat healthy so I can accomplish all the things I want to do. Thank you my lovely Creator for allowing me the opportunities you do and finding the way to optimum health so I can do your will on EARTH. I am going to make more crisps. Sleep well my friends:)

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  1. Jason Aug 3rd 2009

    I love your inspirational words! Keep it up!

  2. admin Aug 3rd 2009

    Thank you for inspiring me to be everything I can be!!

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