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Day #8 Baked Macaroni and Cheese everyday raw pg. 98

On the way to church today I let the kids thumb through my two books. I told them to pick out anything they would agree to eat tonight. I wanted to have an all raw family dinner. I want my boys to be included in this project as well. I know it’s going to work. It’s been so exciting, they are actually going into the dehydrator on their own and eating the granola, blueberry pancakes and bar-b-que crisps. They were actually fighting over the last 2 bar-b-que crisps. I don’t want them fighting but it’s great to see they like them that much. It caused Christian to make the crisps again. He made the almonds, oats, and flax into flour. He mixed all of the ingredients for the crackers. Now we will do the sauce next.
The boys both picked out baked macaroni and cheese. I am so grateful that I had all of the ingredients that I needed to make this wonderful and filling meal. This is what I call comfort food.
The recipe calls for:
cashews, lemon juice, water, olive oil, sea salt, nutritional yeast flakes, shallot, chili powder, cayenne and turmeric. The noodles are yellow squash.
The dressing was very easy to make. I put all ingredients into the vita mix and 10 seconds later I had a divine cheese. Jason helped me with the noodles. We were going to use the saladacco but we decided to use the shredder of the food processor. We used about 10 cups of yellow squash and poured the cheese on top. I mixed it all together and it had a gooey consistency much like Velveeta Macaroni and Cheese. The kind where you squeeze the fake cheese out of the silver bag. It was tasty when it was fresh, but after 1 1/2 hours in the dehydrator the flavors mingled well and it tasted more comforting for my children. I will make this meal again. Next time I will make a raw ketchup for Sabby. He loves his mac-n-cheese with ketchup. I mentioned it at dinner and he wanted me to make it then or let him use Annie’s Ketchup. I told him no we have to stick with our goal of at least 3 raw meals a week:) So if any of you know a great no fail kid recipe for raw ketchup send it my way:)
We are all picking out what we want this week. I will have to do my shopping trip tomorrow. I am excited. I am doing week 2! This is truly an amazing experience for myself and my family. I know we will all learn so much from it.

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  1. Lisa Chitty-Rowe Aug 2nd 2009

    I am just in awe of your dedication and the way you incorporate your family, and their support of you in it.

    You truly are to be looked up to!..

    I was shocked to see the noodles were squash? wow, crazy! I would NEVER have thought of it!..

    You know I am not a enthusiatic Chef, very minimal Kitchen expertise.. but wow, You are inspiring me to at least try one of these recipes!.. Keep On Going!

  2. admin Aug 3rd 2009

    Thanks so much for kind remarks. Yes the noodles are made from yummy squash. You can eat those right? This is not too high in carbs:) Yes it’s fun for the kids too. I try to incorporate more vegetables for them. They are important. I would love it if they would continue forever on this journey. Of course I want the best for children. I really appreciate your kindness.

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