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Trevor Hall concert

Went to see Trevor Hall in Orlando, Fl. We arrived early and went to get our tickets but the doors weren’t even open yet. We all decided to walk around downtown, Orlando to get some yummy food. We stopped at the Pita Pit. They offered vegetarian food for the kids and other options for the meat eaters:) It’s very similar to Subway. Jason tried Falafel for the first time. I still want to make it raw for him. As the kids were eating I thought I saw Trevor Hall walking in the street. Sure enough it was. He was across the street and I definitely didn’t want to go chase him down. 10 minutes later he walked past the Pita Pit. So of course I had to go out and get some photos.
We got some photos and I could tell he was wanting to leave. He said he was looking for something good to eat. I was so upset:( I wanted to make him Raw Yummies. I should’ve listened to my inner being, I knew I wanted to bring it for a reason but I ignored the thought of it. I’ve been so busy and like I said in my other blog I really haven’t been feeling well. Next time, I WILL BRING HIM SOME YUMMY RAW TREATS:)
So we told him we would be there at the concert. He remembered us from all the other concerts and he remembered us giving him Tulsi Mala Beads.
The concert was great!! It felt like he was performing for the small crowd, he was very personable. He was talking to the audience asking what we wanted to hear next. He is humble performer. Chris Steele was amazing on the drums as always:) I can’t wait to see them again.
Jacob Jeffries Band was the opening act. Usually I am not very excited about the opening band but they were very impressive. I will be seeing them again.

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