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Day #283 Squash Blossoms with Pistachio Puree, Green Zebra Fondue, and Pine nuts pg. 32 entertaining in the raw

May 2, 2010

This is the most beautiful meal yet!! I love the Spring time colors. I was fortunate to get these beautiful squash blossoms. I was gifted them last night. Skoors ordered them for the Taste of Inverness and had extra left, so Stephanie knew I needed them so here it is…

Matthew Kenney Project May 2010 011

Those of you that have the book know that I am supposed to have purple basil, but I couldn’t get that. I am blessed to get these.

The recipe is simple, but the flowers were a bit tricky to fill with the puree, but I managed. They are pretty small, so maybe that is why?? I have never dealt with eating or preparing flowers. I was intrigued to look up recipes and see if these are actually edible. Yes, they are. Some websites show that you can fry them, or put them in tortillas. I talked to a few friends yesterday and they said that Emeril and Giatta prepared them on the Food Network and they really want to make the recipes they saw. Well, I am lucky, I got to make a RAW recipe with them. I looked up pics to see what they look like on the plant itself. I had the flowers with stems, so according to several websites I have male flowers. OOoohh la la! Male blossoms grow on stems and female squash blossoms appear at the end of the squash. I enjoyed reading this blog, it gives a good description and a great comparison of both zucchini genders:)
After reading through the recipes, I think that I could make a “fried” version, but dehydrate it. I love changing recipes. Maybe that will be one recipe I can do.

Puree Ingredients
lemon juice
olive oil
nutritional yeast

Fondue Ingredients
olive oil
zebra tomatoes
salt and pepper

pine nuts (I used the pine nut cheese from MK’s book)
I used more open unfilled zucchini flowers

Puree was processed in a food processor. Fondue’s tomatoes and olive oil were dehydrated for 1 hour. I blended all ingredients in Vita-mix until smooth, but stirred in basil. I filled the squash blossoms with puree until I couldn’t fit anymore. I put fondue on plate then layed the blossoms on the plate. Ahh so beautiful!! I love God’s food. Meals like this remind me of the Garden.

I am going to bring this dish to my sister and father. Maybe my mom will even try it. She loves flowers, but probably not to eat. She is a retired florist.

I posted pics of the raviolos and cantaloupe gelato, check it out.

“And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.”~Bible quotes

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