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Welcome to my blog about my LOVE for God's Raw Living food. Please join me on my journey towards health and wellness. I truly believe that pure natural raw living food is the doorway to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Views 2308183
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Green Smoothie Challenge 8-2-09 Combinations for Green Smoothies

I received an email from my friend who got this info from Victoria Boutenko website.
from Victoria Boutenko – RawFoodFamily Website

The KALE Family: Any variety of Kale or Dandelion Greens, Plus Apple or Mango or Pear, and Banana(berries or kiwi)

The SPINACH Family: Spinach, Plus Apple or Peach or Mango or Kiwi, and Banana & a squeeze of lemon(berries or cherries or figs)

The COLLARD Family: Collards, Plus Blueberries or Peaches or Cranberries, Peaches or Pear, and Banana.

The ORANGE Family: Arugula or Celery or Swiss Chard, plus Orange or Mango, and Banana(Strawberries, Peaches or Pineapple)

The SPROUT Family: Romaine or Clover Sprouts, plus Apple or Pear, and Strawverries or Kiwi, and Banana

The HERB Family: Parsley or Cilantro, apple or Mango, Banana(Strawberries, Pineapple)

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